Bag2TheFuture - Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to set up a collection? Absolutely nothing. We provide all the personalised donation bags / flyers FREE of charge

How much do you pay us?___ We pay the best market price we can and fix this at the time of booking. The current price is € 600 per tonne / 60c per kg.

How often can we do a collection? Most organisations benefit from a summer and winter collection, but in larger organisations we find once every three months produces the best results. Once your supporters get used to the idea, they will "save" for the collections.

We are a very small organisation, how can we do a collection? Smaller groups usually involve the whole village and generate excellent collections as the whole community gets involved. The scheme works for all bonafide organisations.We have collected from a dance school, scout group, junior rugby club and even helped to raise funds for a local village skate park.

We have limited storage, so how will it work for us When you book a collection you will be offered a time and a date and we guarantee to collect on that day, therefore no storage problem.

What is the difference between Reuse, Recycle and Reduce? The majority of our clothing is Reuse, i.e.; someone will buy the clothing to wear.Recycle is where the clothing would be shredded to the raw material and made into new products such as mattress fillings, and Reduce is where less materials and energy is used to make the product.

Which areas do you cover? All of Ireland - when you make a booking with a Bag2TheFuture co-ordinator they will schedule the nearest collector to your organisation.

What can I put in the donation bag? Adult's and Children's Clothing, Bedding, Soft toys, Shoes ( tied together please ), Belts and Handbags ( NO BRIC-A-BRAC, DUVETS, PILLOWS OR CUSHIONS PLEASE ).